I am on the lookout for male and female characters who are people of color and are protagonists in science fiction and fantasy books and movies.  I actually prefer female characters (since the protagonists of all of my stories are female) but male characters will work too.  I have done enough research on the female protagonist (at least for now) and I want to deepen my research with female protagonists of color.  

If you know of any good books or movies with awesome POCs, let me know in the comments.  That would be incredibly generous of you. 


I’ve never really watched Mad Men, but I’ve heard it’s a really good television show. My communications teacher actually showed us this clip in class I was just overcome by how much emotion that came from this small piece of script writing…and I haven’t even seen the show. I felt so much for the character right then…even though I don’t know who he is! If I ever become a professional writer, I will make sure that I keep this small clip in mind. Because the writing of this clip is genius.

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Lately I have been reading:


Oh. My. Goodnesspants.  This is one awesome book.

Why is it awesome? Well, let’s start with the characters.  There’s some pretty awesome stuff present in the characterization.  George R.R. Martin does a good job of capturing each character so much that I’ve become attached to just about every single character.  My favorite character happens to be Arya, but that’s largely due to the fact that I really like female characters who take part in fighting.  I understand Sansa and feel a bit sad for her, but I still prefer Arya over Sansa.  I also like Jon…possibly out of pity but he seems to be a more down-to-earth character.  I definitely enjoy reading about Jon and Arya’s relationship.   Daenerys is also a character that I look forward to reading more about especially since she’s so young to be who she is.  Maybe not in the fantasy world, but in general.

I don’t know why I haven’t read this sooner.  I wish I had.  There some awesome world building going on accompanied with a detailed history.  Of all the houses.

After some thought I came to a conclusion that I definitely like reading high fantasy more than writing it, but it’s still great to try and create a world of my own.  It’s not easy.

This is also a great book for plot development.  I think that George R.R. Martin does an excellent job of showing the reader the story, not telling.   There’s a bit difference between the two.  I don’t feel like my intelligence is being insulted when I’m reading this book and that is a very, very good thing.

I can’t wait to finish the book and the rest of the series.  Maybe I’ll even write.  Who knows?

Favorite Words: Inscrutable

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It’s a fancy way of saying that something is not understandable.  I probably wouldn’t use this  in an informal conversation, but I would probably use it when writing a paper or a short story, for example.

Example: “The expression on her face was inscrutable; I wasn’t able to tell if she was angry or unshaken.  I found out after she didn’t call me two months after the incident.”

Another word that I really like is enigmatic.  It basically has the same definition.

Yes, I’ve played Bioshock Infinite. I was quite obsessed with the game once I was able to get into it and I was actually really surprised. I heard that it was a good game and it is. It is. I’m still talking about it a week after I returned it (it was a rental) because of the ultimate ending that I will hold off on. It’s a deep spoiler (not that that isn’t surprising).

This is a trailer for the game, but of course playing the game is a must.  Not only for the gameplay but also for the storyline.  It was really clever if I may say so myself.  I’ve never played a game with such a twist that kept me thinking about the ending.  It may have taken me some time to figure out, but I haven’t regretted any minute of my attempt to figure it out.  One day I will play it again on a harder level.   When I have time  to get stuck on Command Deck level for a week instead of three days.

How it inspires me:

Storytelling.  I know it’s a video game, but I am instantly turned on to a game when it has a great story line.  My stories should also have good story lines and my prose should reflect excellent storytelling.  Simple as that.

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A Novel in a Month

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I’ve never finished a novel in a month BUT I did happen to write 50,000 words in a month.  Was it hard? Sometimes, but I like the challenge.  Each time I write all those words, I get closer to the finished draft of my story.  The one thing that I tend to do every time I take this challenge is rewrite something that I’ve already written so that I can get a better sense of what I want to put in my story and what should go.  Cramming in that many words in a month takes a bit of effort and the product may be crappy, but at least I’ve written something that gets me closer to the finished product.  I know that even though I’m never happy with the draft that I’ve written in a month, I always find myself looking back at the ideas that I came up with and incorporating them into an improved product.

I’m vaguely talking about NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month that takes place during November.  It’s quite a challenge, especially if you’re working, or in school or both.  I’ve managed to finish the goal three times out of six as long as I plan before hand.  What I haven’t done was actually finish the darn thing.  

But that’s okay.  A while back I wanted to finish the novel, have it polished and ready for publishing within a year.  But as I keep reading novels from veteran authors and thinking about my plot, my characters, and the different twists and turns that I can take, I like taking time to think things through.  Summer is the perfect time for me to do just that since I’m not taking any classes (although I shouldn’t speak too soon).  

I write, not necessarily for people but mainly for myself.  Writing is the only thing that knocked me from the pull of insanity. 



I’ve seen this movie many, many times but I love watching this movie.  For one, this is probably my favorite Tom Cruise movie along with Ghost Protocol, but that’s not why I like it so much.  The plot of the story is different than other movies that I’ve seen.  Now, I’m not a Japanese history expert, so I can’t vouch for the historical accuracy of it (I’ve heard various things about the historical components of the movie), but I can say that it’s a nice movie overall.  

I especially like the fact that Nathan Algren (the main character of the film), a former captain of the Civil War, is taken into captivity but isn’t tortured or struggling to survive.  He’s in a place that is completely foreign to him, but learns his enemy’s way of life and soon becomes the friend of his enemy.  I suppose that being held captive in a village home instead of being held in a prison gives him a different kind of freedom that most prisoners don’t have, but he’s still a captive, no less.  

In a way I’m kind of jealous because Nathan Algren is able to experience a completely different culture without any obstacles…

Did I mention the film score yet? The Last Samurai’s score is one of my all time favorite scores, completely memorable and excruciatingly beautiful.  

How it inspires me: 

Nathan Algren finds himself captured by a people that he does not know and, at the beginning, does not care about.  However, he discovers his place in a foreign world as well as discovering a purpose in his a life.  A few of my characters struggle to find a purpose after living a life that they didn’t want to live.  I want them to find their purpose, but not without the guidance and the care of a few good and unlikely friends.  Everything that they may have believed once in a lifetime turns out to be false, but for their own good.