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Bioshock Infinite. A Video game.

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Video Games

Yes, I’ve played Bioshock Infinite. I was quite obsessed with the game once I was able to get into it and I was actually really surprised. I heard that it was a good game and it is. It is. I’m still talking about it a week after I returned it (it was a rental) because of the ultimate ending that I will hold off on. It’s a deep spoiler (not that that isn’t surprising).

This is a trailer for the game, but of course playing the game is a must.  Not only for the gameplay but also for the storyline.  It was really clever if I may say so myself.  I’ve never played a game with such a twist that kept me thinking about the ending.  It may have taken me some time to figure out, but I haven’t regretted any minute of my attempt to figure it out.  One day I will play it again on a harder level.   When I have time  to get stuck on Command Deck level for a week instead of three days.

How it inspires me:

Storytelling.  I know it’s a video game, but I am instantly turned on to a game when it has a great story line.  My stories should also have good story lines and my prose should reflect excellent storytelling.  Simple as that.