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I am on the lookout for male and female characters who are people of color and are protagonists in science fiction and fantasy books and movies.  I actually prefer female characters (since the protagonists of all of my stories are female) but male characters will work too.  I have done enough research on the female protagonist (at least for now) and I want to deepen my research with female protagonists of color.  

If you know of any good books or movies with awesome POCs, let me know in the comments.  That would be incredibly generous of you. 



I’ve seen this movie many, many times but I love watching this movie.  For one, this is probably my favorite Tom Cruise movie along with Ghost Protocol, but that’s not why I like it so much.  The plot of the story is different than other movies that I’ve seen.  Now, I’m not a Japanese history expert, so I can’t vouch for the historical accuracy of it (I’ve heard various things about the historical components of the movie), but I can say that it’s a nice movie overall.  

I especially like the fact that Nathan Algren (the main character of the film), a former captain of the Civil War, is taken into captivity but isn’t tortured or struggling to survive.  He’s in a place that is completely foreign to him, but learns his enemy’s way of life and soon becomes the friend of his enemy.  I suppose that being held captive in a village home instead of being held in a prison gives him a different kind of freedom that most prisoners don’t have, but he’s still a captive, no less.  

In a way I’m kind of jealous because Nathan Algren is able to experience a completely different culture without any obstacles…

Did I mention the film score yet? The Last Samurai’s score is one of my all time favorite scores, completely memorable and excruciatingly beautiful.  

How it inspires me: 

Nathan Algren finds himself captured by a people that he does not know and, at the beginning, does not care about.  However, he discovers his place in a foreign world as well as discovering a purpose in his a life.  A few of my characters struggle to find a purpose after living a life that they didn’t want to live.  I want them to find their purpose, but not without the guidance and the care of a few good and unlikely friends.  Everything that they may have believed once in a lifetime turns out to be false, but for their own good.  


This isn’t a new movie, but I just recently watched it.  I’ve always wanted to see it because I love Thomas Newman’s scores and wanted to watch the story that was worthy enough to have Thomas Newman as its musical story teller.  I didn’t know much about the movie at first, but as I whole I thought that it was a very decent movie.  It was really, really sad and almost left a mark on me, but I’m glad I watched the film.

In short, it’s about a couple who gives up everything to pursue their dreams.  They are a couple who repeatedly falls in and out of love, but one day they just decide to risk everything and go to Paris.  Things don’t go as well as planned, however, and things start to go downhill.

I don’t want to say too much about it, but I was really surprised by how tragic the story was.  I had my opinions before I decided to watch it, but I wasn’t expecting the story to be so real about relationships.  It’s truly a tragedy.  It was a bit strange watching it at first because I kept thinking about Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and how they’re a completely different couple in Revolutionary Road.  It’s a different story, also a tragedy, but more of a tragedy than a love story.  At the end I felt sad and disorientated for a while.

How it inspired me:

Relationships are in no way perfect.  Even “perfect” couples argue.  There’s a couple in one of my books who are almost the same way as the couple in Revolutionary Road.  They are perfect for each other, but they fight and fight.  They disagree, they yell at each other.  As a youngish person who hasn’t been a relationship yet, the movie helped me to round my characters relationship more fully and realistically.

The score is pretty good too.