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Favorite Words: Inscrutable

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Favorite Words

It’s a fancy way of saying that something is not understandable.  I probably wouldn’t use this  in an informal conversation, but I would probably use it when writing a paper or a short story, for example.

Example: “The expression on her face was inscrutable; I wasn’t able to tell if she was angry or unshaken.  I found out after she didn’t call me two months after the incident.”

Another word that I really like is enigmatic.  It basically has the same definition.


I really like the word “quell.” Why? I’m not so sure.  It just sounds powerful.

For example, “She quelled the crowd with only a slight ascension of her hand.  It was a small movement, but the power of her presence was nearly overwhelming to the majority who admired her.”

I came up with that myself.

Definition: 1. To put down forcibly; suppress.  2. To pacify; quiet